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About D4Pack


Our mission is to ensure that each piece of content put in a container expresses all its personality, its strength, and its quality through our printing process. 


Becoming the #1 screen printing company in North and Central America allowing brands to go further, more authentically, and longer. 

Why us

Our values

Promoting local know-how

We deeply believe in the local know-how of our customers and promote it with the greatest passion. We are firmly convinced that the future depends on connecting with our craftsmen and our communities.

Respecting the environment

Saving the planet, one label at a time. We firmly believe that we must be the leaders of sustainable change. We are proud to use screen printing technology and biological ink. It allows the elimination of labels and true respect for the environment. 


At D4Pack, we are committed to providing the greatest customer and human service. We build a true relationship with our customers and not only a transactional one. The success of our customers has been our number one priority for over 60 years!

Our team

Valérie Desmarais

Customer Service Specialist

Julio Sequeira

Marketing Director

Anagladys Escobar


Gassendy Jean-Louis


Keyla Torres

Customer Service

Martin Tessier