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Screen printed bottle and can labels

D4Pack specializes in silk screen printing services on bottle labels and can labels for distilleries, microbreweries and ready-to-drink companies.

Silk screen printing for bottles and cans

Silk screen printing is an alternative way to brand and label bottles, cans and other products. Instead of creating a separate label and adhering it to the container, your design is printed directly on its surface for a more natural and aesthetic result.

Screen printing is done by pressing ink through a stenciled mesh screen to print the design on the desired surface. The method originated in China and dates back to the Song Dynasty. It was traditionally called silk screen printing because silk was used to create the mesh screens. Today, synthetic polyester threads are more commonly used.

Why use silk screen printing for your bottles and cans?

Our customers share their experience

“We put so much love into creating and brewing our beers that for us it would be impossible not to have our designs screen printed on our cans. We produce premium quality beer and we need that to be noticed on our packaging, both visually and to the touch. We also know that it is incomparably better from an environmental point of view compared to labels which produce a lot of waste. In short, for a microbrewery like ours that embodies authenticity and passion, we value the screen printing and expertise of D4PACK”.

Jessica Hallée – La Cabane microbrewery.

Industries we print for

Other D4Pack services

Bottle coloring

Paint spray booths are a state-of-the-art technology for bottle coloring that provide an impeccable result for your bottle branding. Air brush painting with spray booth technology achieves a smoother, cleaner color coating and more uniform finish for your bottle coloring.

Our custom bottle coloring technology delivers stunningly vibrant colors that will ensure that your products stand out on the shelf. An air brush-painted bottle creates a gorgeous color base for silk screen printing to complete your bottle design.

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